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The Benefits of a Good Vacation

This month Blooming Planter took a week to vacation.  As the designer and owner of a growing landscape company getting away during the summer season is next to impossible yet as a parent of growing teens, recognizing the need to decompress and share quality time with my family is essential.  We escaped to the Rocky Mountains, a favourite family destination.  Waiting until the last possible date to sneak away was the compromise.  It meant starting the school year a little late and leaving a couple of projects on hold but it seemed the best option.  The Rockies offer some of the most stunning landscape views of any place in Canada. Aside from the mountains there is an abundance of wildlife, plant-life and incredible architecture.  
While vacationing, I continued to enjoy nature in the most pleasurable ways imaginable:  From exploring wild-flowers on our hikes to hunting down interesting log cabins for overnight stays and innovative restaurants to dine in not to mention capturing images of some of the most spectacular wildlife roaming the west.  
All in all I have to admit getting away is essential to recoup and work better.

our Butterfly Population Needs Your Help

Artificial Lawns Are Best Kept Out Of Our Gardens

Artificial lawns are becoming quite a trend amongst busy homeowners at a huge cost to our environment.  “You will find bees burrowing into lawns which are a mix of grass seeds, other insects will be in there too, and worms – which are incredibly important in terms of the ability of the soil to absorb nutrients and keep soil structured, so that when you have heavy rain or drought you have a soil system which can cope. By using artificial grass, you lose all this. You are creating a ‘Don’t come here sign,’ for wildlife.”https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/jul/04/growth-in-artificial-lawns-poses-threat-to-british-wildlife-conservationists-warn?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Rock Gardens Make Sense in Toronto Landscapes

Weather can influence garden design.  This summer I've been attracted to rock gardens for the first time.  I just started noticing more and more of them around the city and for the first time they seemed to make sense in Toronto's landscape.  With Toronto's weather being what it is and Torontonians being who they are rock gardens make a lot of sense.  Toronto is built on a slope from the lake going north.  Many properties therefore have steep slopes ideal for armour stones and other such rocks to assist with grading issues.  With Torontonians being busy trying to make a living they also need low maintenance gardens that large scale rocks can provide.  This year with our record droughts it just dawned on me that rocks are an ideal feature to design around in Toronto landscapes. 

Yikes!!! Insect Numbers are Declining